Python scripts won't load for some people

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Python scripts won't load for some people

Postby TRB-2 » 03 Apr 2012 08:52


I have a script I maintain for xchat 2 that has worked perfect for most people, including myself. However there are a few people who inexplicably get a non-sense error when they try to load the script. This is the error:

Code: Select all
 ValueError: invalid \x escape
 Module has no __module_name__ defined

Of course there is a __module_name__ defined and I've looked over all the escape characters I use and they are all supported in xchat as well as python. The script works perfectly fine for most and there doesn't seem to be any commonalities between those who get the error. It tends to go away after restarting xchat a couple times or deleting the script and extracting it there again. I've personally never gotten the error no matter what I do yet others get it every single time with no way to fix it. This has been there since 2.8.6 at least, with both python 2.5 and 2.6. Hopefully this issue can be resolved somehow.
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