XChat 2.8.5e released

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XChat 2.8.5e release

Postby peterz » 11 Dec 2007 11:24

News for 2.8.5e (11/Dec/2007)

• You can now optionally install OpenSSL libraries, if you prefer to use them instead of Window's own SChannel library.

• Fixed a crash if you changed the channel-switcher to Hidden and then back to Top/Bottom.

• Fixed a crash if you left the font-dialog open after closing the setup window.

• Dropped support for Windows 98/ME. XChat now requires at least Windows 2000. This allowed some code simplification, and makes future development easier.

• Added a simple "Check for updates" in the Help menu.

New bit added to the docs:
No extra software is necessary to use SSL, xchat will use Window's own library called SChannel. If you prefer more advanced ciphers, it's optional to install OpenSSL. If the files SSLEAY32.dll and LIBEAY32.dll are present on your system, xchat will make use of them.

An easy to install version of OpenSSL for Windows is available at this web site: Shining Light Productions OpenSSL. You can get the light 1MB installer.

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