adding a friendslist to the irc-chat friends

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adding a friendslist

Postby tester » 14 Aug 2007 19:05


i saw xchat the first time in imule, it is used there to bootstrap the p2p application.

I thought it would be good to have a friendslist in xchat as well, to that a personal chat is done over encryption and second a chat room for my online buddies is as well available.

This private chat - encrypted and to my friends only - is a good added value to the public chat to peers in xchat.

There is a new Instant Messenger, out, which is serverless and has every chat encrypted. Additonally you can do easily file swapping with it to have documents securely transferred.

There is a IRC-like Chatroom as well in (Serverless!!) for all your online friends.

The core is seperated from the gui (QT and FLTK), so maybe it is addable to xchat?

Which gui tool is xchat using, wxwidgets?

Anyone interested in implementing this into Xchat?
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