xdcc download?

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xdcc download?

Postby DoXer40 » 25 Jun 2004 10:55

Anyone, who knows how to get xdcc download working?
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Postby Fang » 25 Jun 2004 16:10

Check you have IRC -> Auto Accept Files. If it's not, you'll have to manually accept the transfer, a transfer window (Window -> File Receive...) should open as soon as you get sent something.

If all this fails, then it may be a firewall or network-related issue. Or a badly configured client/bot on the other side.
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Postby NoBody » 25 Jun 2004 16:30

this is an odd question, exactly what isn't working? If DCC downloads doesn't work, it's probably a problem on the other side (the XDCC bot)...
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Postby techie » 25 Jun 2004 19:58

DoXer40: Can you be a little more specific with your problem?
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